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UNC-Chapel Hill has a rich history and tradition of world-class innovation and discovery, and your research can lead to discoveries that have tremendous impact upon society and generate economic value. The Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) serves to fulfill our University’s mission to advance knowledge, enhance education, solve societal problems and enrich the quality of life in the State of North Carolina.

Our office will:

  • work in partnership with you to effectively manage the identification, evaluation, protection, translation and commercialization of impactful inventions and technologies.
  • help you find resources and support, synergizing with University and external funds and resources, to further develop and translate discoveries and technologies.
  • identify and work with partners in industry and business to help structure partnerships that foster industry collaboration and support, bringing UNC-Chapel Hill research discoveries to market.
  • provide services, training and mentorship to promote entrepreneurship and startup company formation, and we can assist startups with numerous aspects of new company formation.
  • provide assistance with copyrights, trademarks, transfer of materials (MTAs), licensing of tangible research property (reagents, laboratory materials), and management of confidential information (CDAs) for both research and commercial purposes.

Let’s work together to realize the full potential of UNC-Chapel Hill innovations.

Tell us about your invention by contacting OTC or completing a Report of Invention (ROI) form (Onyen login required).

Benefits of commercialization

The are many potential rewards of commercialization:

  • Translation of your research to a marketable product will result in broader impact upon society.
  • Recognition of your research efforts and their impact.
  • Partnerships with industry may provide additional insights into unmet needs and other applications of your research.
  • Collaboration with industry partners may result in support of your research program and access to unique resources and expertise.
  • Revenues returned from licensing activities are shared with inventors and their departments and can be used to further advance research.
  • The local and regional economy benefits from the creation of new products and services, companies and jobs.
  • Students may gain employment opportunities as a result of industry partnerships.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss any questions that you may have, and we look forward to working with you.

Tell us about your invention by contacting OTC or completing a Report of Invention (ROI) form (Onyen login required).