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The Office of Technology Commercialization is prioritizing and accelerating COVID-19-related innovations, distribution of tangible materials that support academic and company COVID-19 research, and engagement with companies to license technologies.

UNC Inventor of the Year: Michael Ramsey

Michael Ramsey, Ph.D. will be recognized as the UNC Inventor of the Year at the 2020 Celebration of Inventorship, which honors UNC-Chapel Hill researchers for their contributions to inventions and patents.

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UNC Commercialization Stories

Pinnacle Hill builds momentum

The first two UNC-Chapel Hill faculty research projects funded by Pinnacle Hill are underway. How is the company supporting the development of new medicines – and what’s next for this Carolina-Deerfield partnership?

From pandemic downturn to startup upswing

UNC-Chapel Hill’s KickStart Venture Services is working with a new surge of UNC-based startup companies on strategy, funding and space planning during the pandemic.

EmpowerRT: Making high-quality cancer care available everywhere

Cancer treatment providers in developing countries often lack equipment and training to provide the most advanced type of care. EmpoweRT is working to change that.

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