Technology Commercialization Carolina (TCC) is committed to offering training and workshops on different entrepreneurial topics. Events are open to all aspiring and established entrepreneurs throughout the state of North Carolina.

Check out some videos from the past workshops below

“Investor ready Entrepreneur” (IRE) series

Held on October 12th 2015 at the NC Biotechnology Center, Research Triangle Park, NC

The IRE series covered a variety of topics related to engaging private equity investors, and on methods to obtaining funding for startups at various stages. The panelists included:

  • Elaine Bolle, RTP capital, investor and advisor to early stage companies
  • Kip Johnson, Morningstar law Group transactional attorney & investor
  • Andrew Schwab, First Flight Venture Center serial entrepreneur and incubator leader
  • Timothy R. Janke, SBTDC/IMAF investor and early stage fund executive
  • Lisa R. Ruckdeschel, SBTDC Associate State Director

The keynote speech was delivered by Eric Buckland, co-founder and CEO of Bioptigen (that was acquired by Leica Microsystems)

The Funding Landscape: The view and what it means – Learn about different sources of capital and understand which option is the best fit for your idea (Debt vs. Equity, Angels vs. Venture Capital)

(44:05) The Idea: What makes it a good idea? Will it solve a real problem? Understand investor expectations and assess whether you are ready to approach investors.
(1:06:46) The Market: What is your market? What makes a market appealing? Understand your customers, your competitors and where you fit within the market.
(1:36:18) The Management Team: Who will get it done? Understand what traits an investor looks for in an entrepreneur. Learn about the differences between the CEO/Founder/Management Team.

Funding Need & Financials: passing the “sniff test” – How much funding do you need? How to gain an investor’s confidence through your financial knowledge.

(28:08) Intellectual Property: When is a patent important and is it worth the cost/time? Understand how an investor values patents, copyrights and trademarks.

Entrepreneur Keynote with Eric Buckland, Biotigen

Get tips from an entrepreneur who successfully navigated the funding process

Targeting/Qualifying Funding Sources: Who’s got your money? How to connect with Angel Investors. Learn if crowdfunding could be a potential option.

(25:10) Presenting to Investors: What do investors want to know? Understand what the objective is and how to clearly organize and present your pitch.
(45:37) Due Diligence: The purpose of due diligence is to validate the business plan and uncover any missing pieces. Understand why an investor will turn down a deal.

Valuation: What is your company worth? Understand what methods investors will use to value your company. (Hint – the market rules!)

(47:13) Structuring the Deal: Who determines the structure of the deal? Understand the terms sheet.
(1:12:26) Board & Advisors: What is the difference between a Board of Directors vs. an Advisory Board? Understand the benefits of each board and how to effectively use your board(s).

The Perfect Investor Ready Entrepreneur Profile: Are YOU investor-ready?

Final Q&A

Research to Revenue Workshop

Held on August 4-5, 2015 at the RTP headquarters

The Research to Revenue video series provides a comprehensive insight into technology commercialization–from inception to funding. It also covers key issues, such as what industry leaders think about the various aspects of technology commercialization, the subtleties of starting a company, and many more. The workshop was hosted by:

  • Don Rose, Ph.D. Carolina Kickstart
  • Zachary R. Bishop, Attorney, Wyrick Robbins Yates & Ponton LLP
  • Thomas A. Allen, Attorney, Wyrick Robbins Yates & Ponton LLP
  • Gary Pace, Ph.D., J.D.
  • Wade Fulghum, MBA, Venture Development, NCSU
  • Michael Carnes, M.S., SBTDC,Technology Commercialization counselor
  • Drew Applefield, Ph.D., NC Biotech Center

Technology Commercialization

Do you have a great product that you would like to license to a big company? Or, are you considering starting a company rather than licensing your product? What are the various aspects of technology and product development? What are the things that investors will look for while investing in your company?

Research to Revenue

Have you ever wanted to learn about the different types of business entities and how they compare against each other: Sole proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation or an LLC? On which factors would you decide the type of your business entity: tax, need for VC money, employee equity, or the type of business? When is the right time to incorporate the company? Where should you incorporate, and how should go about with the process?


How should you communicate the various aspects of your company to your audience? What are the most effective tools and channels that you can use to get out your message? What are important issues to consider while making a presentation? What does Guy Kawasaki think of font sizes and the art of starting? Bonus watch: NOVOCOR Medical systems- the story

SBIR & STTR Overview

What is Small Business & Technology Development Center (SBTDC) and how does it assist small businesses? What are the various grant programs? How does SBIR compare against STTR? What is subcontracting with SBIR & STTR? What are the different agencies involved in this?

Key Steps to a Successful Startup (University Faculty’s Field Guide to Starting up)

What does it take to succeed? Learn about everything from opportunity recognition to researching market needs to filing for IP protection to so much more! How do you recruit mentors and advisors? How do you develop a business case? What are some company naming tips? What are some ways to not make a logo? What are the components of a business plan?