Through the Entrepreneur Technical Assistance Program (E-TAP), growing companies and start-ups work with the NCGrowth team and our best MBA analysts on a specific company issue or project.

Students are selected based on prior work experience and a passion for entrepreneurship. We aim to help expand start-ups and existing businesses in rural communities. Selected companies have the potential to grow and are in a range of industries from tourism to manufacturing.

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“Our involvement with E-Tap came at a critical time in our business’ history.  Our industry has been in a mode of constant change which has placed a lot of stress on companies like ours.  E-Tap provided a fresh set of eyes and person who asked pointed questions about what we were dining and why.  Those questions gave us a chance to re-evaluate our market position and our direction.”

Andy Anderson • Community Innovations Inc.

“The entire experience from the very first phone call to the project’s completion with E-TAP was stellar. The attention to detail that the entire E-TAP staff and students performed set a bench mark that we will admire for a lifetime.”

Steve Lane • InteliPort

“We have participated in the program twice because it has been helpful to our company and we have enjoyed the interactions with staff and students. We have been well matched both times. More than that, when our carefully laid out scope of work evaporated because of the third party our student would have been working with, staff and student went well beyond our expectations.”

Elizabeth Maxwell • Carolina Wild

About NCGrowth

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With a passionate staff and a dynamic pool of graduate student analysts, we partner with businesses, communities, governments and other organizations to tackle outcome-based economic development and entrepreneurship projects.

NCGrowth was founded in 2012 to help businesses create good jobs and to help communities create sustainable and equitable opportunities for their people. The Entrepreneur Technical Assistance Program (E-TAP) helps to accomplish this goal.

Students present their work with businesses and communities in eastern North Carolina.